About Black Bear Unlimited

Black Bear Unlimited, LLC aims to support the growing rafting and off-road community in the Farmington, NM area with fabrication and support.  We specialize in fabricating custom raft frames, dry boxes, and fire pans.  We are the only custom raft frame fabrication shop in the state of New Mexico.

Not only does Black Bear Unlimited, LLC fit the needs of the area’s growing rafting community, we also provide fabrication for the already established, and growing, off-road community.  We are your local professional fabrication shop, and we are always happy to provide information to locals and tourists.  We share knowledge about trails and recommended equipment for successfully navigating the endless trails in the area.  When you get in a bind, we offer vehicle extraction services.

Why We’re Unique

Black Bear Unlimited, LLC is unique because we’re focused on BOTH the river community AND the off-road community.  We fit the needs of both types of these types of outdoor recreation also help to make the Farmington, NM area unique.  There is no other company in the area that is able to provide these services.

Because of the broad range of skills and expertise at Black Bear Unlimited, LLC, we are uniquely positioned to be Your Base Camp for Adventure!

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